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Like any event, or big premiere, there is bound to be lots of coverage. This page is dedicated to all of that coverage, B-Roll, and all of that cool stuff. You may find lots of interesting videos here.

Famicom SpaceWorld '95 B-Roll

Attendees of the Shoshinkai show in 1995 each received a copy of this B-Roll tape to use in any type of media coverage. Whether it was in magazines, TV coverage, or advertisements, most of the footage came from this tape. It includes not only Super Mario 64, but a handful of other games like Mario Kart 64. It runs for about 6 minutes, and explains what the Nintendo 64 can do, and it's upcoming line up. In terms of Super Mario 64, the most notable piece of this tape is how different the game was at the time of recording. Referred to as the “Alpha Build”, Super Mario 64 can be seen with very different levels, including three mysterious levels that we don't know the location of. It also includes a double decimal counter for the HUD, a different POWER meter, and many other changes.

Unsorted Videos

The 3 following videos are owned by @shanebattye and were properly digitized by @hard4games, go check them out if you haven't yet.

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