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This page contains all sorts of photos, scans and texture libaries for early versions of Super Mario 64. (Note: This is not the final page design.)


If reuploaded, please provide credit as these items are not free.

VisualDisk 山 and 雲 were kindly provided by Sinclair, matches found by roovahlees.

VisualDisk 山: Mountains

You can download this library here.

VisualDisk 雲: Clouds

You can download this library here.


Edge Magazine - Volume 29

High quality scans provided by Mr. SG | These are hyperlinks in order to save bandwidth.

Scan of Page 6 Scan of Page 8 Scan of Page 38 Scan of Page 39 Scan of Page 40 Scan of Page 41 Scan of Page 56

SpaceWorld '95 Press Kit Screenshots

Title Screen

Castle Grounds

Inside the Castle Walls


Mountain 1

Mountain 2

Mountain 3

Mountain 4

Mountain 5

Fire Bubble 1

Fire Bubble 2

Snow Slide in Snow Slider

Snow Slider

Water Land 1

Water Land 2

Water Land 3

Water Land 4

Bowser Fight 1

Bowser Fight 2

Bowser Fight 3

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