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Super Mario 64 is a very successful launch game on the Nintendo 64, among other games such as The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina Of Time, Donkey Kong 64, and many other titles. The prototype versions of these games are, however, very different compared to their final counterparts. Many things such as textures, music, and mechanics changed, and in Super Mario 64, there are several removed features, such as minimaps, cut enemies, and much more!

The N64 Patent Build

The patent build of Super Mario 64 depicts several pictures of the Castle Grounds level in an extremely early rendered model form.

The Famicom SpaceWorld '95 B-Roll Build

The SpaceWorld '95 B-Roll build of Super Mario 64 is very much closer to the beta build. The HUD is more simplistic, as the star has no outline and the X in the HUD is large.

The Famicom SpaceWorld '95 Showfloor Demo Build

The Spaceworld'95 Demo build of Super Mario 64 is the build that was broadcast in the SpaceWorld (then known as Shoshinkai) event in 1995. This build has a smaller X in the HUD, and outlined star, and is the first and only footage of the minimap.

<Placeholder - Screenshots of the Minimap>

The Spring '96 / Swapped Coin and Star Counter Builds

(Note: This part is still in progress.)

Misc. Pre-E3 Builds

(Note: This part is still in progress.)

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